Poker Sites that take Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are the easiest and fastest method for players from countries all over the world to fund their poker accounts. Bitcoins are the most well known of these new currencies, and while this method is not available at many of the well known poker rooms, there is a growing number of poker sites starting up that specifically use these payment methods. In many cases these new poker sites will only accept cryptocurrencies.

If you have never heard of Bitcoins it can take a little while to get used to the idea. If you have heard of them but never used them then you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy they make depositing and withdrawing to online poker accounts.

BetCoin Poker

BetCoin is now the most popular of these new sites. Player numbers may be lower than you would like, but there is a great, and growing, community associated with this site. They offer casino and sportsbook along with their poker room.

BetCoin Poker

The minimum deposit amount at BetCoin Poker is 0.001 Bitcoin – roughly $0.50 US dollars.

There are some freerolls and other promotions available on Betcoin poker right now too.

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Main Advantages

Because of the very nature of these ‘coins’ there is no need to provide identity documents or otherwise verify your details. Creating an account on these poker sites literally takes just a few minutes. If you have bitcoins available to you in a wallet you can send thm and be playing poker within ten minutes from signup.

That compares very well with all other deposit methods.

Secondly, because there is no need to submit documents, your country of origin is not a problem. So, for example, players from the United States will be able to play at most of these rooms without any issue.

The same applies to players from other countries that have found themselves restricted. You may not find that all rooms will accept players from your country, but most certainly will.

The speed of both deposits and withdrawals will probably surprise you. And the ease with which you can begin playing, and get your winning back, will certainly please those players used to the more traditional banking methods. The fees associated with using coins are incredibly low, and in many cases no fees are charged at all.

The only tricky part of this new money is the fluctuations in the exchange rate. While the price of bitcoins has been relatively steady lately, there have been some big swings in price, both up and down. That can work in your favor though, depending on when you buy your coins.

BitCoin wallets

Wallets, which you use to receive and send your coins, and to store them, are available for free online. The safest way to manage your money is by using a downloaded wallet, rather than an online one. You can find a selection of free wallet software at the official Bitcoin site.

You should know that when you initially download the official bitcoin core software, it can take quite a while to update. That will only happen the first time though, and after that it syncs up pretty quickly.

It can be a little tricky getting used to this new way of paying for things online. But if you do take the time to get familiar with cryptocurrencies I believe that the effort will certainly pay off.