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If you know of an online poker site that has very low deposit limits and you think it should be featured on this site please do let us know. If any of the details of the poker rooms listed here is not accurate we would appreciate it if you could let us know that too.

You can email us about these matters at admin at the site name. That is the word admin followed by the ‘at’ symbol, the one kinda like an ‘a’ with a half circle around it. It’s usually over there to the right of your keyboard .. somewhere near the Enter key … Look, if you can’t figure out what that is, then you likely are not able to use email anyway, so leave it.

We don’t have a contact form here, and we don’t print out the admin email address in its proper form, because we don’t want to be contacted by all those automated things that contact sites on a daily basis. If you own a site you’ll know what we are talking about.

If you don’t, then take my word for it, sites with easily discovered contact details get dozens if not hundreds of useless emails everyday from automated software tools that are set loose on the internet. Wading through those looking for legitimate emails can become very annoying, so we try to avoid that.

Basically, we are relying on your burning interest in the subject matter to drive you to overcome the inconveniences of not being able to readily access us. If you are not that interested you won’t bother. Fair enough?

And the fact that we do things this way is not because we don’t want to talk to you in particular. Ok?

Anyway, I digest.

Oh, one other thing; if you are an affiliate manager and want to have your program be featured on the site, do get in touch with us IF your site fits the criteria for being listed here. Given that the name of the site is we hope that you can figure out what we are looking for in a poker room.

If you can’t, please feel free to not contact us at all.

To every one else, have a nice day.

P.S. What do you think of the nifty little currency converter widgety thing that we put up on the site there over to the right in the sidebar? Just below the list of news stories

Do you like it?

Hate it?

Don’t know what ‘currency’ is?

Do let us know; we’d love for you to get in touch…