News stories of interest

This is not a general poker related site – we are really only interested in payment related concerns as they apply to online poker sites.

Our news section then will only cover those stories that have an impact on players trying to make deposits at online rooms using the minimum amount allowed.

You can expect, then, to see stories here that report increases or decreases in the limits allowed by the various payment processors at the various poker rooms. Also, should any of the rooms that we have listed here go out of business, through whatever reason, we will probably report on that as well. Other areas of interest to us include the U.S. gambling scene, and the occasional great free bonus deal that comes along.

Other than those specific subjects, we don’t really report general news from the online poker arena. There are plenty of online sites that do that, and do it well. We could never hope to compete, and we really have no desire to try. Keeping up with the changes in the deposit limits allowed by the various online sites is enough work to keep us busy.

We don’t get notified of any changes that these sites make, so we have to go out every month, and not only check out those details that were correct last month, but also try to find new sites that have come online that may have favorable limits that suit the site here. And finally, we have to check the existing sites too, inc asae any of those have come to their sense and reduced their minimums in line with what we like to see.

Even though that does not happen much at all, we still need to check regularly.

Below are listed those stories that we saw fit to report.

I told you there wouldn't be many stories, didn't I?

As I said above, we like to keep things relevent here, so you won't see any gossip stories on this site. Just the facts, ma'am.

If you know of anything that should be reported here, but hasn't been so far, do feel free to drop up a quick email. We will read it, even if we don't guarantee a response. You can send an email to Admin at the name of this site. We are not posting the address in it's proper format for obvious reasons.

And finally, while we don't make many posts here, unless they are of interest to the general theme of the site, please be assured that we do regularly check that the details that we have posted here about the various poker sites deposit limits are still correct. We don't post about it, but the details are checked and updated on a regular basis.