32Red Poker

32Red Poker is a smallish poker room on the MicroGaming network. Though small, they share the MG player base so there is always a good amount of players on the site and tables on the go.

They are a British company with the full range of online gambling sites, including a sportsbook and casino. In fact, the parent company also operates two other, differently branded casinos, as well as a mobile casino. The various gambling sites are well regarded and have won numerous awards for their sites, and more importantly, for their customer service.

They are fully licenced by both Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission so they take players from the UK. Like all other poker sites on the MicroGaming poker network (MPN) they do not allow players from the USA to play there.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

The minimum amount that you can deposit to 32Red Poker is £10.00, and that applies across all their available payment options. In other currencies, depending on your country, you can deposit from US$10.00, CAS$10.00, AUS$10.00 and €10.00.

The minimum withdrawal at this poker room is also £10.00 or 10.00 in your currency.

The available depsoit options currently include Visa and MasterCard, both debit and credit, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Eco, EntroPay, PaysafeCard and Ukash.

For deposits by direct wire transfer the limits are a bit higher, and deposits start at £10.00 or $20.00 or €20.00. Withdrawals using this option start at a high £100.00.

Depositors using Ukash can cashout a min. of £10 using that option, but depositors using Paysafecard will have to settle for a check withdrawal, and even then that is only available to UK players.

32Red is getting busier

32Red is part of the MPN Network, formerly known as Microgaming. Although I had never played on 32RED itself I used to play quite a bit on this network many years ago, so I thought it’d be interesting to see how it has changed if at all. This network sort of fell away but had already started to make a bit of a comeback over the last 6 months and now with the big Georgia site Adjarabet according to pokernews.com, it’s set to double in size, in theory this could see it around the same size as other top 6 sites like iPoker, PartyPoker and Full Tilt with over 1000 cash game players at peak times.

Like most sites, the options require a bit of tweaking to get things up and running, in general the software has got quite a basic look to it and at first glance at least I didn’t see a whole lot of changes, though I did note the avatars and also the different table layout options.

Issues with software

The software I have to say feels higgledy piggledy, as if it’s not quite finished or that not enough care and thought went into having it work smoothly. If I changed table view my options also changed. This is not the way I would expect a poker software client to behave, if for instance I want to have 4 color deck in 1 table–view and have speech bubbles disabled, it’s highly likely I want to have them disabled no matter what view I had, but instead you have to change each view’s options separately, which to me at least appears both cumbersome and unintuitive.

Also Auto-buy-in seems enabled by default in some views and not in others. In my very first game I ended up playing a heads-up cash game by mistake when this happened, fortunately the player was quite poor, raising too big preflop and bluffing too much and too big and I ended up marginally in profit. After having resized the table to a smaller size in the classic view, after clicking on ‘expand chat’ it also expanded the size of the table, again something you just would not expect.

The best things I could say about the software were it was amateurish, it didn’t crash (though given its inconsistencies was expecting it to) and it saves hand histories by default, but to be honest the software is poor, it doesn’t work smoothly, is non-intuitive and small changes can have unexpected and annoying consequences.
Although the software has a simple retro look, in my opinion it needs to start to take that look to heart and get working in a simplified manner. Some of the default settings are really annoying, such as achievement messages, I understand that this kind of thing might be of interest to newbies and also from the site’s perspective it gives people a chance to promote their site using Twitter, but I’m going to say it like it is, it’s damn irritating from my point of view as a serious player, anyway luckily it was easily changed via Preferences -> Message Settings. Also I found the Tournament Search function to be ridiculously slow.
I thought iPoker was badly designed but Microgaming is even worse. Seriously Microgaming you need to hire a senior software designer consultant and if you already got one, fire them and hire me!

Slow action at the Sit N Gos

Game play Sit N Go’s were not that busy beyond the micro-buy-in level. I played two super turbo sngs, one 6-man. I didn’t last long in either, unfortunately just the way the cards went. Though I did come back later and played two more both times finishing runner up. The standard wasn’t great; I especially noticed some sub-optimal preflop raise sizing

Small edges in the cash games

I played a €10 Hold Em 6-man cash game, none of the players were awful, though there was a little too much limping preflop or flat calling raises but in general most pots were opened for a raise, definitely edges to be had but certainly no donkey fest either.

Happy days at ‘The Most Interesting Tournament in the World’

Well up to that point it wasn’t looking especially good, however this time this story does have a happy ending, and what a happy ending it turned out to be! I decided to try out the tournaments for you guys and registered for a €10 one rebuy and one add-on, aptly named ‘The Most Interesting Tournament in the World’.
The structure actually is kind of interesting, although it is classified as a turbo tournament, blinds rise every 6 minutes, in comparison to other sites where the blinds rise every 5 minutes in turbos, so for those who prefer a bit more deep stack play but don’t want to spend half the day playing one tournament this isn’t a bad option. Another unusual aspect of the tournament is that it is in an 8-Max format so while it still has a feel of a full ring game you get to see slightly more flops than you would do in a 9 or 10-Max
I thought the standard wasn’t bad overall, most of the players were at least semi competent players though there were some poor players as you would expect in an MTT, especially early on. As this was my first time playing in this tournament I wasn’t expecting to go too far but I got off to a good start and was amongst the front runners for much of this tournament and somehow much to my delight and after getting some lucky breaks for once I eventually won the tournament at my very first time of trying for about €1100. The next evening I thought I’d try my luck again and this time managed a final table position. So as you can gather my liking for 32red increased exponentially.

On the roller coaster that is Omaha

With my new found bankroll on the site I then decided I’d give the Omaha games a try. I played some of the mid stakes games and for a while got on a lucky run, there are some very sharp players here but there was still some value floating around, but unless you are one of the top players you need to be highly selective and get out of tables fast if there’s no value to be had, otherwise if you’re like me, a sometimes Omaha player you become the value! Admittedly most of my early winnings were later cancelled out but still I got to withdraw almost €1450 from an initial deposit of €71. Not a bad return

My viewpoint on this software should be colored positively by my big scoop but I am going to list the negatives first.


Poor Software Experience
Very High Sit N Go Fees (Unbeatable at the low stakes in the long run). Especially ridiculously high for Super Turbos and Heads Up where ROIs are lower.


Although software was poor, it was reliable, not one crash over the course of several days play.
The multi table tournaments are fun and would appear to be very plus EV for a good player.
Some reasonable cash games if you are selective.
Automatic 30% Rakeback for every player.